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Hotel Milano Castello

The property, after the support of our business in other three occasions, commissioned to Pozzi architetture (, that is part of our company, the development of a project of renovation of the entire building and its transformation in a hotel. They required a 4 star hotel, elegant and comfortable. Our answer was ample rooms and polished furniture.

Furniture made of multilayered wood with exposed sides in two versions: frames with listels in relief on shutters, and bed head engraved with custom made geometric patterns.

Four suites and communal areas complete the project.

In the hall we made a counter with bright elements and a solid surface finishing.

The bar is the focal point coming from the hallway, with the front in engraved and backlit Corian.

  • Design :
  • Patron : Hotel
  • State : Completed
  • Location : Milan (MI)
  • Photo credits: N. Figliola, A. Corsino per Milano Castello Hotel
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